Sales Force Automation System

Business is always about sales. The more sales you seal, the bigger your business grow. To achieve top sales, it is essential to manage your entire sales force effectively. From sales personnels to customer database – if you have them at your fingertips, you are already on your way to success. At Grand-Flo, we empower you with the ideal solution required known as ManageSales, a powerful sales activity system designed to increase sales and performance through data efficiency.

Designed for ease-of-use and convenience, ManageSales is a system that enables you to manage the entire sales force from pre-sales to post-sales. With ManageSales, you would be able to know the location and activity of your sales personnels while empowering them with accurate information and data so that they can seal the deal.

Vice-versa, your sales team is about to update their progress through the system so that you would have real-time data on every sales conducted. With the information and insights, the system generates a report and analysis to provide you with customer’s buying patterns and up-coming market trend.

ManageSales can be supported with mobile gadgets such as mobile barcode scanner and mobile printing with Bluetooth connectivity to provide flexibility and mobility to your sales team to perform even better. With in-depth insights, now you can make better decisions when it comes to managing your sales force and drive your business to seal more deals.

ManageSales Modules

ManageSales's Sales Force Automation

system is designed to increase sales and performance through data efficiency for both van sales and pre-sales operations. With the support of mobile computer and mobile printer, it provide flexibility and mobility to your sales team to perform even better. With in-depth insights,better decisions can be make when it comes to managing your sales force and drive your business to seal more deals.

ManageSales's Distribution Management System

provides businesses with inventory management that allows replenishment orders to be integrated into the system and stock adjustment after stock take exercise. It brings SFA to the next level where the Pre-Sales Orders are processed into Invoices or Dispatch Notes and Returns are converted to Credit Notes in the system.

ManageSales's Distribution Management System based on Extraction

capture and provide secondary sales information allowing business to see how the distribution channels are performing right up to the salesman, products and market (outlets). DMS-e allows Sales Operation team to engage the distributors at a more convenient, efficient and effective level. It provides businesses with real-time visibility on stock and sales, informed decision and builds a competitive channel of distribution.

ManageSales's Proof of Delivery

module enable businesses to monitor and measure the performance of delivery more accurately. This system leverage on barcode and mobile computer technology to provide real-time information visibility, reducing cost, improving credit control and customer service without the needs of high investment.

Why Automate Sales Force Processes

Increase sales opportunities >>  By providing more information to your sales personnel on the field, they are able to response faster and better to potential customers to get more sales

Increase productivity  >>  It streamlines your sales processes so that you can focus on getting sales while the systems captures all that is required.

Sales forecast  >>  The system will generate reports and analysis based on the data provided by sales team to provide market insights that keep you ahead of your competitors.

Real-time database  >>  Receiving accurate and up-to-date customer database through real-time application.

Synchronised database  >>  All data collected will be synchronised by the system in one platform for easy management.

Minimised error  >>  Ability to reduce human error while reaping data accuracy at lower cost.

Instant access  >>  Ability to access to database anytime and anywhere throught the user-friendly web interface.

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