We have a team of experience and PMP certified project managers to provide consultation and advice in working towards the ideal solution for your business.

All projects especially those involving the Enterprise Applications requires Project Managers to plan, manage, follow up and scrutinize to ensure that there are sufficient resources working on the various parts of the project and tasks are being completed on time.

Our team also supports through implementation and training for Enterprise Applications.  This services may also be requested for Smart Applications when the application is used in more than one components.

Our team of consultants and technical support personnel are fully trained and equipped to provide the necessary installation, implementation and training to the users.

Our helpdesk support services are offered to Enterpise Application users. Our helpdesk support specialist are trained to provide efficient and immediate support to our customers via phone, remote management, email and more.

Our helpdesk support operates 365 days on normal working hours including weekends and public holidays. Helpdesk Support is currently provided for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Our software customisation services for Enterprise Application is to fit customer requirement and improve business processes with new features without the needs to re-writes the whole software.

Our team of software engineers has the technical skills and our consultants have the required domain knowledge and expertise to understand the needs and translate them into programs that runs on the computer.

Software maintenance for Enterprise Application is necessary to rectify program bugs and logics or to correct data due to system errors. Our software maintenance guaranteed that the applications will continue to run should the platform on which the software application operates changes such as newer version of the operating systems on the Server or PCs; or newer version of Web Browser on the front-end application layers; or on the Mobile Computers when it becomes EOL (End-Of-Life) etc.

Our Software Maintenance is provided from level 2 onwards. Level 1 support is provided internally by our customer or through our Helpdesk Support.

Custom software development is only necessary when you cannot find anything from the Enterprise and Smart Application series that fits what is required. When such situation arises, we will evaluate your request or requirement and mapped it to the portfolio of Enterprise and Smart Application series as well as those applications that we have done in the past fifteen (15) years.

If we cannot find what we have for you, there is a chance we might developed it for you if it fits our plans, mission and vision. A good chance of having it done is characterised as one that directly adds or extends our Smart Apps and Enterprise Apps offerings. Find out more what we do best.

We are not only trained to set up and implement system solutions, we also offer technical support to ensure that your system is running smoothly and well maintained at all times.We provide on-site support to assist with any technical issues that may arise as well as run tests to ensure that your system is always at its top performance.

The technical team also works on diagnosing and identifying potential issues, providing solutions as well as fixtures that would ensure high performance at all times. All our technical support personnel is qualified and certified by our principals for credibility.

Preventive Maintenance Service
Preventing downtime and extending equipment life through preventive maintenance service

Equipment Repair Service
Ensuring faulty and worn equipment is in operational condition

User Training
Product technical information walk-through by experienced technical trainer based on specific needs

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