Mobile Net

Capable, Easy, Convenient and Effective Telnet innovated by Simat is now attracted to run on all pocket PC under the name ” MobileNET”

The highlight of the capability features:

  • MobileNET supports Multilanguage and can be able to use the true type font.
  • MobileNET can set up the ” Hot Key Function”, the new command button which available and helpful for the user to set up their proper functions in the system that they usually work on so the user can get access in a quick time. Also, the user can set up the label on the Hot Key Function eg. Ctrl, Esc, Enter instead of set up only in the form of F1, F2, F3 etc.
  • MobileNET supports VT 220 emulation type which can connect to Unix, Window NT, and DOS base by using Telnet Service.
  • MobileNET allow the user to set up and adjust the configuration for Screen colour, Font size and colour
  • MobileNET has the features for Automatic Login, the system will save the username and password very helpful for the user to increase the speed time of login to the system.
  • MobileNET is able to provide 80 x 24 characters on screen which means NO modification on current 80 x 24 telnet application.
  • Scroll bar both vertical and horizontal available on screen to view the left, right, upper and lower messages beyond the screen.
  • Beyond the set up 4 Hot Key functions, MobileNET can serve more function keys, F1 to F12which allow user to select directly from the Function Menu (Fx).
  • MobileNET available instantly one touch Zoom in – Zoom out, easy for user to clearly see information on screen.
  • Visualize Control Key on screen. User can easily select the variety of Control Key from the Keys menu directly on the screen.

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